Different learning institutions, starting from high schools to colleges, expect to get applications from learners every start of the year. Not working on your essay writing skills means that you’ll face it rough when crafting and submitting your applications. The problem with most learners, especially high school seniors, is that they don’t take writing essays seriously.

Applicants are at the position to choose and write on different subjects, depending on their understanding level. However, most learners don’t know the topics they must avoid when crafting their essays. Some of the issues you should not address in your application essays include bad grades, sex, world peace, drunkenness, crimes, deep confessions, and the big sports triumph. And the list here outlined the topics you should not use when writing application essays.

  1. Summarizing Your Achievements

The same way people hate loudmouths in real life, school administration officers hate essays that brag. Focusing only on your achievements when writing college essays can make them boring and out-of-focus. Instead of focusing so much on what you’ve achieved in the past, you should inform the reader about your life experiences. That would present you with a better opportunity to tell your readers about the experiences you’ve had in the past and the solutions you used that allows them to assess you from their personal understanding.

  1. Highly sensitive and polarized topics

Highly polarized and sensitive topics such as religion and politics can mess your essay. Even if you’re a guru in religion and politics, you shouldn’t preach or try to convince your readers how much you understand any of these subjects. You’re writing the essays to secure the college position, so why should you focus on political or religious issues?

  1. Avoid Writing About Sports

Sports is a highly predictable subject, and chances are high the reader knows exactly what you’re trying to present in the essay. Why don’t you write on a topic that has not to be covered by thousands of other writers and in millions of essays? College administration officers have likely read about the sports topics you’re trying to adjust, so no matter how creative you’re, you may not get their attention.

  1. Don’t Write About Volunteer Trips and Experiences

Don’t write about a breathtaking vacation or experience you had. People are already accustomed to such kinds of writings, so they won’t find anything unique in your essays. You shouldn’t write about volunteering activities, either. If you want to craft something more interesting to woo the readers, you can tailor the essays towards a unique character that played an important role in your life.

  1. Don’t Focus on Illegal Behaviors

Your essay shouldn’t focus on illegal behaviors, either. People aren’t interested in knowing your jail time, drug, sex, arrests, or alcohol use. You don’t want people to judge you based on your past actions or behaviors. You can always find great essay suggestions when you search through the web. You will doubtlessly discover lots of amazing topics you can write on without laying bare your life story or past behaviors.

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