When considering the number of pages for a 1500 word essay with double spacing. It is easily achievable by setting the word processor to the required font size settings and the type and pasting the 1500 word document to determine the number of pages. Answers to such questions are achievable. However, some questions are hard to decide on how long they can be. A professor or lecturer might give out an assignment to ask the optimum length of an essay and leaves students at liberty to determine. There are two things that students need to consider from a question like this. First is that the professor might be very busy so that he or she is giving students some work to keep them revising on a given topic. Secondly, such questions do not matter if a writing professional at IBuyEssay does enough research on the subject under study for you. Not unless the essay will affect the final grade for the dissertation and coursework, you can worry about the questions asking about the essay’s length.

For an opinion piece with a single issue, a 400-word essay is sufficient for one to express his or her opinion and justify the point. For those practicing for examination questions, a 250 word or a 150-word essay is sufficient. For multi-faceted questions, the word count will go into thousands of words instead of hundreds.

The types and length of essays

  • Graduate school essays should be between 2500 to 6000 words
  • Undergraduate college essays should be between 1500 to 5000 words
  • Graduate school admission essays should be between 500 to 1000 words
  • High school essays should be between 300 to 1000 words
  • College admission essays should be between 200 to 650 words

The length of a short essay

The determining factor is the subject. A biology paper should be around 150 words, but for history and art subjects, the short essay will run over 1000 words. Similarly, you should consider the kind of essay you want to write. Under the right circumstances, 3 paragraph essay might be short as 150-word. However, for a dissertation, it can be more than 12000 words. When considering the question on the length of an essay, the determining factor is the essay variety or structure. For instance, some students have earned grade A for fiction work with less than 700 words. Whereas some narrative has earned better grades for not more than a 250-word essay.

The length of exam essay: Points-driven answer

An examiner might give you a few lines for each question to write answers. The determining factor is how the paper will get marked. Under such circumstances, the marking scheme specifies the number of marks you earn for each point with additional points for good English grammar or the language used.

The length of exam essay: Time-driven answer

If the whole exam is an essay, then the marks trick does not work. In such a case time limit can give a clue on the required word count. For instance, what is the length of an essay that gets done within a one-hour examination? Using the rate of 800 words for every half an hour, then this can translate to not more than a 3000-word essay.

More tips

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