Descriptive essays are written to define a topic or subject using sensual observation. These essays are written to clarify and verify incidents, places, and persons. When writing these types of essays, students can play around the senses of the readers, enabling them to understand the subjects better.

When writing descriptive essays, you’ve to play around with words such that you make the reader feel like they’ve met and interacted with the person or thing being described. The reader must be emotionally connected and have a deep appreciation of the topic being written about. The writing process should start with prewriting, drafting section, and adjusting the writing piece to your liking. Students can choose to use these topics and tricks to write descriptive essays effectively.

  1. An incredible happenstance with a beggar
  2. An inspiration and figure that made your life complete
  3. The first day in college or university
  4. A face you saw that affected you positively
  5. The first encounter with your today’s best friend
  6. The favorite teacher that enabled you to realize the highest potential
  7. A day out with a stranger?
  8. The smartest mind you ever had an encounter with
  9. An event that changed your life
  10. A book you read that changed your perspective about a different life and the world in general
  11. The room you have ever desired to live in
  12. What do you always do for fun?
  13. The charming aspect of the world life
  14. The dress you will always want to wear during your wedding
  15. A graduation ceremony that you loved
  16. An inspiring learning session that made you who you’re
  17. The last day in college
  18. A friend and brother you never had
  19. A dream that trembled your life
  20. Things you do for fun
  21. The favorite comic book for you
  22. How life would be if it were a movie
  23. If you found yourself alone in the world, what would you do?
  24.  What activities can you do for fun
  25. An encounter with a celebrity?
  26.  The craziest person you ever met in your life
  27. The funniest person you’ve ever met in life
  28. The most secretive friend I ever had
  29. The scariest experience ever in a country bus
  30. The dream company you want to work in once you graduate


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